RAR Password Recovery-Quickly Recover Lost WinRAR or RAR Password

 “Since I was sharing a computer with others, I created a password protected WinRAR file several days ago to prevent peeping eyes. Unfortunately, I forgot the password and could not open it now, what can I do? How to remove WinRAR password without damaging the data inside?”—Jessica

Have same plague with Jessica?Don’t worry! RAR Password Recovery is a good assistant for you to quickly remove the password from WinRAR or RAR archives.

RAR Password Recovery The ways to recover WinRAR or RAR password are different according to different file sources.In the following, I would like to share an efficient way to remove WinRAR/RAR password with RAR Password Recovery by 3 kinds of attacks: Dictionary Attack (Recommended), Brute Force Attack with Mask Attack and Brute Force Attack with Mask Attack (Trying All Combinations).

For the encrypted WinRAR/RAR files downloaded or received from internet, generally speaking, we could find the password in its read-me text or the download page. If we cannot find any password information, we’d better have the psychological expectation that RAR password recovery will not be completed. The only thing we can do is to remove the password. Since we know nothing about the password, RAR Password Recovery offers us Brute Force Attack with Mask Attack (Trying All Combinations). It will attempt to recover the password by trying all possible passwords combinations of numbers, letters and punctuations.

For the encrypted WinRAR/RAR files protected by ourselves, there are two options we can choose to recover the password with RAR Password Recovery.

The 1st option is Dictionary Attack. It can remove the forgotten password with ease by  trying the most likely password combinations of words and phrases in the built-in dictionary as a password. We can also list all the characters such as our name, nickname, favorite star, birthday, boyfriend or girlfriend name, etc to create a  self-created dictionary.

The 2nd option is Brute Force Attack with Mask Attack. If we still have a bit memory about the forgotten password such as the prefix characters, suffix characters, length of password, special characters, etc., Brute Force Attack with Mask Attack may be  most suitable to solve the RAR password recovery troubles.

With this easy-to-use RAR password recovery tool, we can remove WinRAR/RAR password easily without any data lose!

For more details about RAR Password Recovery, please contact support@crackpdf.com.

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