Advanced Access Password Recovery Tool-Retrieve Lost Password for Access

 Forgot Microsoft Access password? Need to unlock a Microsoft Access MDB file protected with a password set by one of your employee who left your company? Is there a way to recover or crack the Access database password?

Microsoft Access is a widely used database application that stores user’s data such as tables, stored procedures, links, hyperlinks and indexes in Access database or MDB files. For security reasons, most companies or organizations would like to set passwords for its Access database to prevent unauthorized personnel from obtaining confidential data. Unfortunately, often people may forget the Access password, making Access database inaccessible. Fortunately, we can use Access Password Recovery to recover or crack the password.

Access Password Access Password Recovery does exactly just like its name says – recovers forgotten passwords for protected Microsoft Access database files. By using advanced algorithm, it ensures fast unlocking of the password protected Access database files.

Access Password Recovery offers efficient recovery options( attack options): Brute-force Mask Attack (Trying All Possible Combinations), Brute-force Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack(Recommended). They are suitable for different situations.

Dictionary Attack (Recommended) – This choice is highly recommended as it offers a smarter access to recover the Access password. If you choose this option, Access Password Recovery will try various possible password combinations of words and phrases in the built-in dictionary offered by the application as a Access password. Of course, you can also add self-created dictionary into the application.

Brute-force Mask Attack -If you remember a little bit of the lost password such as the length of the password, a letter, a special punctuation, etc, it is recommended that you try this attack as it can effectively shorten the recovery time. Access Password Recovery will try the possible combinations from the masks self-defined by users such as digits, letters or punctuations.

Brute-force Mask Attack (Trying All Possible Combinations) – If you remember nothing about the password, you may need to check this choice.If you choose this option, Access Password Recovery will try all possible characters combinations in the specified range. Since the password recovery engine is highly optimized,short passwords can be recovered instantly.

With the help of this Access password recovery utility, you can get back the password of your Access database file as soon as possible .

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