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Maybe your PDF file can not be freely copied, printed, modified, etc. when you want to edit it because you have ever secured it with an owner password but now you forget it. Of course, you cannot type the content of PDF document word by word, which is time-waste. But if you need to use the document urgently, please have a try of CrackPDF PDF Password Cracker which is an instant program to crack PDF password now.

The following contents will be the guide to show you how to use this instant program.

1. Please download PDF Password Cracker by clicking here and install on your computer.

2. Open the program through Start menu or double clicking its application icon.

3. Add encrypted PDF file into the file list by clicking Open PDF (s) button and choose document from popup window. See it in Figure 1.

crack PDF password in PDF Password Cracker

                                                               Figure 1

4. Choose the output location for cracked PDF files in popup window. Please see it in Figure 2. This window is for saving cracked PDF documents in batches. If you remove PDF password for only one file, you will be able to choose location and set the file name for target file in popup window.

save cracked PDF file

                                   Figure 2

5. Click OK button in last step to start to remove PDF password and PDF files encrypted with owner password will be cracked instantly. But the files without any password will show Error information. Please see it in Figure 3.

instantly crack PDF password

                                                             Figure 3

Then in the output location you can open the cracked PDF document and edit it with any kind of PDF editor. PDF Password Cracker is really a good helper to those who have the right to crack PDF password. If you want to purchase the program, please enter the homepage of the program.

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