Forgot RAR password? What can we do?

What can we do if we forget RAR password? To answer this question, let’s take a brief look at RAR first. RAR is the file extension of WinRAR archives. A RAR file is a data container that stores one or many files in compressed form to save space. The contents in it had to be extracted before being used.

Then, let’s get down to how to things we can do to recover RAR password for the  password-protected RAR file.

Tip1: Try some possible passwords

Sometimes, RAR password may be the filename or the URL from where the WinRAR file is downloaded.So, please have a try to see if they are correct. If the above tips still do not work, then we may try a third party application to recover the RAR password.

Tip 2: Try a RAR password recovery tool– RAR Password Recovery

RAR Password Recovery is professional and easy-to-use application that can quickly recover password of a WinRAR archive.There are three kinds of attack options to recover the RAR password:Dictionary Attack (Recommended), Brute Force Attack with Mask Attack and Brute Force Attack with Mask Attack (Trying All Combinations).

1.Dictionary Attack

Recommend Index : ★★★★★

Dictionary Attack will recover the lost RAR password by trying all the possible password in the built-in dictionary of the application. Besides, it also supports to add self-defined dictionary to the program.

2.Brute Force Attack with Mask Attack

Recommend Index : ★★★★

Brute-force with Mask Attack will be useful when you remember some symbols or length of the password.

3.Brute Force Attack with Mask Attack (Trying All Combinations)

Recommend Index : ★★★

Ff you remember nothing about the password, Brute Force Attack with Mask Attack (Trying All Combinations) will try every possible password combination of letters, digits and punctuations during the recovery process. It will take a bit longer time compared with the other two.

Hope the above tips will help you when you want to retrieve forgotten RAR password.

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