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CrackPDF ZIP Password Unlocker

CrackPDF ZIP Password Unlocker (click here to download) provides three attacks to help you unlock ZIP password, in case you lost or forget your ZIP password. The three attacks are dictionary attack, brute-force with mask attack, and brute-force with mask attack (trying all possible combination). With the help of CrackPDF ZIP Password Unlocker, you can easily get the lost or forgotten password back and reuse the ZIP file.

The dictionary attack can help you try all the passwords in the default dictionary provided by the program, or the new dictionary added by you. The brute-force with mask attack (trying all possible combination) can help you try all possible combinations if you don't remember anything about the password. If you remember some information about the password, you should adopt the brute-force with mask attack to restrict the searching area. These methods give a guarantee to help you unlock ZIP Password.


The following is the interface of CrackPDF ZIP Password Unlocker. You can select options on the pane as marked by the red rectangle to help you unlock ZIP Password.

  • If you want to adopt the brute-force with mask attack (trying all possible combination), only two steps are required: click the Open button and click the Stop button.
  • If the first method fails, and you want to try the brute-force with mask attack, you can click the second radio box before Brute-force with Mask Attack and then switch to the Brute-force tab control by clicking the Brute-force tab. Then, select options on the Brute-force tab control.
  • If this method fails too, you can click the Recovery tab, click the third radio box on the on the Recovery control, click the Dictionary tab to switch to the Dictionary tab control, and select options.
select attack options to unlock zip password

Some features of CrackPDF ZIP Password Unlocker:

  • Able to unclock ZIP password for any WinZip/ZIP/ PKZ /ZIP archive.
  • Able to recover highly encrypted passwords.
  • Three methods are provided to recover ZIP passwords: Brute-Force with Mask Attack (trying all the combinations), Brute-Force with Mask Attack and Dictionary attack.
  • Support advanced 128-bit and 256-bit AES Encryption.
  • Auto shutdown the computer after recovering.

Purchase and Price

  • Single-User Personal License $24.95Purchase
  • Single-User Commercial License $49.95Purchase
  • Multi-User Personal License (2-5 PCs) $49.95Purchase
  • Multi-User Commercial License (2-5 PCs) $99.95Purchase
  • Site License (Commercial use for all employees of one company) $199.95Purchase

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