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CrackPDF Email Account Password Recovery

CrackPDF Email Account Password Recovery is a powerful tool which can help users to instantly recover email account passwords in Outlook. This application is an easy to use tool. The interface is user friendly, and it is a stand-alone application which does not require third-party application. Based on Windows, it supports all Windows operating systems and can work well with Windows 98/2000/2003/2008, XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit).


For the sake of security, some users may set different passwords for their different email accounts. As for some companies, they may require the employees to change their passwords to access corporate resources one time a week or a month. There are too many email account passwords for users to keep in mind. Most of them will use Microsoft Outlook to manage their email accounts to avoid typing a password every time when they enter accounts. But what can they do when the Windows corrupts? CrackPDF Email Account Password Recovery can help them recover email account passwords in case they don't remember the passwords for email accounts in Outlook.


To get a 20-time free trial version, please click Download here! After you run CrackPDF Email Account Password Recovery, you will see the interface of it as illustrated below:

The interface of CrackPDF Email Account Password Recovery

There are seven buttons and two windows in the interface. First, let's look at the seven buttons. In order to start recovering Outlook passwords, you can click either of the two Search buttons in the interface. To exit the application, you can either click Quit or Exit. To get more information about the product, you can click About or Help. To own this product, you can click Buy Now. Second, let's look at the two windows: The first window under Account Information will display the Outlook server addresses, server types, email account names, and reconverted passwords. And the second window under Log Window will show the about the event like the start time and the finish time.



  • Recover passwords for email accounts in any version of Outlook from 1997 to 2010.
  • Support all Windows operating systems.
  • Stand-alone application
  • Tidy and interactive interface
  • Display the email accounts names in the interface.
  • Display the Outlook server addresses and server types in the interface.
  • Recover email account passwords in Outlook at high speed.
  • Have the capacity to reconvert long, complicated Outlook passwords.

Purchase and Price

The full version can show you the password in full form, while the trial version can only show the first and last elements in a password. Please read the following list, select a proper license, if you want to buy CrackPDF Email Account Password Recovery.

  • Single-User Personal License $19.95Purchase
  • Single-User Commercial License $39.90Purchase
  • Multi-User Personal License (2-5 PCs) $39.90Purchase
  • Multi-User Commercial License (2-5 PCs) $79.80Purchase
  • Site License (Commercial use for all employees of one company) $199.95Purchase

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