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Find your forgotten Excel password

Are you looking for a tool which can help you find your forgotten Excel password? CrackPDF Excel Password Recovery is definitely the right tool you need to find Excel password back. It is easy to use and provides three effective methods to help you find your forgotten Excel password. The following will show you how to use this tool to solve your problem. But first let's download it and briefly introduce the interface of CrackPDF Excel Password Recovery


First of all, you should download CrackPDF Excel Password Recovery. Please click Trial Version to free download the free trial version, which can be used free for 20 times. After you install it on your computer, you can run this application by double clicking the icon. Then, you will see the interface of CrackPDF Excel Password Recovery as illustrated below. This interface of CrackPDF Excel Password Recovery can be divided into five parts: The first part consists of buttons. The second part can display the directory of the input file. The third part provides four option tab controls. The fourth part is a window which can display the information of the input time and output time, etc. The last part can show the current password and speed.

the interface of CrackPDF Excel Password Recovery

Now let's see how to use CrackPDF Excel Password Recovery to find Excel password
1. Input the Excel file
You can click the button Open to open the Open File dialog box to browse the folders and files, and select the Excel file wanted reopening. After you input the file, you can see the directory in the edit box of File name in the second part.
2. Select a way of attack
As you can see in the third part, there are four tabs. Supposing you know the password is a combination of pure letters, you can do as follows to decrypt the lost password: click Brute-force with Mask Attack, > click the tab Brute-force to switch to the Brute-force tab control.>click the check box before a-z under Character Set.

select an attack to find Excel password

3. Click the second button Start in the first part. Then, the computer will start finding your forgotten Excel password for you.


Features of CrackPDF Excel Password Recovery

  • Have the capacity to find Excel password for files created by all versions of MS Office Excel 2010/2007/2003/2000/97.
  • Support all formats of Excel files such as *.xlsx and *.xls.
  • Provide three types of attacks to find MS Excel password back.
  • As a stand-alone application, it does not require any third party application.
  • Automatically save the finding process every 15 minutes by default.

Purchase and Price

The free trial version can only be used free for 20 times. If you want to own CrackPDF Excel Password Recovery, you may need to pay for the Full Version of this product. Please read the price list illustrated below and select the proper one.

  • Single-User Personal License $24.95Purchase
  • Single-User Commercial License $49.95Purchase
  • Multi-User Personal License (2-5 PCs) $49.95Purchase
  • Multi-User Commercial License (2-5 PCs) $99.95Purchase
  • Site License (Commercial use for all employees of one company) $199.95Purchase
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