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CrackPDF Excel Decrypter

CrackPDF Excel Decrypter is a very useful tool which can help you decrypt Excel files protected by passwords, in case you happen to lost or forget the passwords. It supports all Excel formats such as XLS and XLSX, and the Excel files created by all types of MS Office Excel 1997-2010. In addition, CrackPDF Excel Decrypter provides three methods to decrypt Excel: the dictionary attack, the brute-force with mask attack and the brute-force with mask attack (trying all possible combinations). By any one of the ways of attacks, you can decrypt Excel files as soon as possible.


Depending on the information that you can recall about the forgotten Excel passwords, you can choose different methods to decrypt Excel files. For example, if you remember the password length or any part of the password, the first method you should choose is the brute-force with mask attack. If you cannot remember any information, not even whether the password is combined of letters or numbers, you can use the rest two methods to decrypt Excel. Most people like using words as passwords. If you are one of them, you can try the dictionary attack first. There is a built-in dictionary, in which, the dictionary will try all the words combination. You can also create a new dictionary and added it to the application. And the last resort is the brute-force with mask attack (trying all possible combinations).


Please look at middle part of the interface of CrackPDF Excel Decrypter. There are four tabs and the first three ones are for attack setting: Recovery, Brute-force, and Dictionary. The default tab control is Recovery tab control, and the default attack is the brute-force with mask attack (trying all possible combinations). If you want to use other attacks, you should select the second or the third option in the Recovery tab control first, and then switch to the corresponding tab control by clicking the proper tab.

select an attack to decrypt Excel

Some features of CrackPDF Excel Decrypter:

  • Provide three attacks to decrypt Excel files.
  • The brute-force with mask attack may help those who can remember any information to greatly reduce the decrypting time.
  • Support Excel files created by MS Office Excel 97-2010.
  • Automatically save the Excel decrypting time.
  • Allow users to add self-made dictionary to the application.

Purchase and Price

You can get the free version of CrackPDF Excel Decrypter by click Trial Version.However, only 20 times are permitted. If you want to own this application, please read the list below, select a proper one and click Full Version.

  • Single-User Personal License $24.95Purchase
  • Single-User Commercial License $49.95Purchase
  • Multi-User Personal License (2-5 PCs) $49.95Purchase
  • Multi-User Commercial License (2-5 PCs) $99.95Purchase
  • Site License (Commercial use for all employees of one company) $199.95Purchase

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