Excel Password Recovery-Recover Lost Passwords for Microsoft Excel files

Is your Excel file protected by password and could not be open normally because you have forgotten the original Excel password? Or has an employee left your office and he forgot to unlock an Excel file with a password set on it? Don’t WORRY any more! CrackPDF Excel Password Recovery offers the solution to recover lost or forgotten passwords for Excel.

Excel password CrackPDF Excel Password Recovery is a handy utility that can help you recover Excel password and reopen your locked Excel file. No matter how long and complicated the password is, and no matter how much you can still remember about the lost Excel password, with the help of CrackPDF Excel Password Recovery, you can recover password for Excel files created by any version of Microsoft Office Excel 1997-2010.

For Excel files containing confidential data, sometimes we may set a password to prevent it from unauthorized modification or illegal Excel password recovery. Losing those important Excel worksheets containing working table or research data may suspend the projects. It is a commonplace situation that lots of people may face everyday. It must be very annoying if we can’t retrieve it on time. This, however, could be avoided now by trying CrackPDF Excel Password Recovery. It is able to crack or recover the forgotten passwords, and unlock password-encrypted Microsoft Excel documents.

Below are the simple steps to use this utility to recover Excel password:

Step 1: Download & Launch CrackPDF Excel Password Recovery

recover Excel password

Step 2: Import the encrypted Excel file by simply clicking Open button .
Step 3: Select a suitable attack type and setting.

  • Dictionary Attack—try each single word or word combinations in a built-in dictionary.
  • Brute-force with Mask Attack—is useful when you remember a little bit about the forgotten Excel password.
  • Brute-force with Mask Attack (Trying All Combinations)—is used when you remember nothing about the password.

Step 4: Click Start.

If you are really forgetful, you can choose to use CrackPDF Excel Password Recovery. For details, please send your email to support@crackpdf.com.

RAR Password Recovery-Quickly Recover Lost WinRAR or RAR Password

 “Since I was sharing a computer with others, I created a password protected WinRAR file several days ago to prevent peeping eyes. Unfortunately, I forgot the password and could not open it now, what can I do? How to remove WinRAR password without damaging the data inside?”—Jessica

Have same plague with Jessica?Don’t worry! RAR Password Recovery is a good assistant for you to quickly remove the password from WinRAR or RAR archives.

RAR Password Recovery The ways to recover WinRAR or RAR password are different according to different file sources.In the following, I would like to share an efficient way to remove WinRAR/RAR password with RAR Password Recovery by 3 kinds of attacks: Dictionary Attack (Recommended), Brute Force Attack with Mask Attack and Brute Force Attack with Mask Attack (Trying All Combinations).

For the encrypted WinRAR/RAR files downloaded or received from internet, generally speaking, we could find the password in its read-me text or the download page. If we cannot find any password information, we’d better have the psychological expectation that RAR password recovery will not be completed. The only thing we can do is to remove the password. Since we know nothing about the password, RAR Password Recovery offers us Brute Force Attack with Mask Attack (Trying All Combinations). It will attempt to recover the password by trying all possible passwords combinations of numbers, letters and punctuations.

For the encrypted WinRAR/RAR files protected by ourselves, there are two options we can choose to recover the password with RAR Password Recovery.

The 1st option is Dictionary Attack. It can remove the forgotten password with ease by  trying the most likely password combinations of words and phrases in the built-in dictionary as a password. We can also list all the characters such as our name, nickname, favorite star, birthday, boyfriend or girlfriend name, etc to create a  self-created dictionary.

The 2nd option is Brute Force Attack with Mask Attack. If we still have a bit memory about the forgotten password such as the prefix characters, suffix characters, length of password, special characters, etc., Brute Force Attack with Mask Attack may be  most suitable to solve the RAR password recovery troubles.

With this easy-to-use RAR password recovery tool, we can remove WinRAR/RAR password easily without any data lose!

For more details about RAR Password Recovery, please contact support@crackpdf.com.

Password Recovery Tool for WinZip/ZIP/ PKZ /ZIP Archives

Unable to open Zip files because of forgetting the password? With the innovative Crack PDF ZIP Password Recovery, you can easily recover forgotten or lost passwords for your ZIP/WinZIP/PKZIP archives. It supports three password recovery modes:brute-force with master attack(trying all combinations), brute-force with master attack (user defined) and dictionary-based attack.

password recovery1 Brute-force with Master Attack(Trying All Combinations)

If you’re blank about the lost password, you can use Brute-force with Master Attack(Trying All Combinations) option.It will run through all the possible password combinations of keys until the correct key is found.Crack PDF ZIP Password Recovery has a highly optimized password recovery engine, which can quickly recover short and simple passwords.

password recovery2 Brute Force with Mask Attack(User Defined)

If you remember a part of the password or some information like symbols, characters or length of the lost password, you can try this method. You can set a mask with the mask symbols for those parts you can’t remember, which will help you effectively shorten the recovery time.

password recovery3 Dictionary Attack

Generally speaking, passwords are made up of a single word or a combination of words from a certain language. Before reverting to the brute force attack, Crack PDF ZIP Password Recovery performs a full-scaled comprehensive attack based on a dictionary. It can try every password combination in the built-in dictionary as your forgotten ZIP password. You can also add your self-created dictionary containing your usually used passwords such as your birthday, the name of your pet, your favorite color, etc.We highly recommend this attack as it offers a smarter access to the password recovery.

How to recover forgotten ZIP password?

password recovery

  1. Click Open to add the ZIP files.
  2. Select an appropriate recovery mode.
  3. Click Start.

That’s it!With the help of Crack PDF ZIP Password Recovery, you can easily get access to your password protected ZIP files again.

If you have any problem or inquiries about this ZIP password recovery tool, do not hesitate to contact us.We really appreciate your comments. Also you can send your email to support@crackpdf.com, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Advanced PDF Password Remover

Most people are opted to encrypt some important and confidential PDF documents with passwords.But what if you forget or loss the passwords? This situation happens a lot in companies and businesses when employees have left the company and forgot to turnover passwords of important PDF documents. PDF Password Cracker Enterprise edition is a PDF password remover, which can enable document owners and users who have lost or forgotten password to access PDF files.

pdf-password-remover PDF Password Cracker has three different versions-PDF Password Cracker, PDF Password Cracker Professional edition and PDF Password Cracker Enterprise edition. All of them can be used to remove passwords from encrypted PDF files without other changes to the PDF documents. Just like the professional edition, it can recover user passwords with brute-force and dictionary attacks and support key search attack to decrypt PDF files with 40-bit encryption.

Brute-force attack will try all possible characters combinations in the specified range. With highly optimized password recovery engine, it can immediately short password.   Dictionary attack will recover lost PDF password by trying the password combinations in the built-in dictionary.(Note: It also supports self-created dictionary.)

PDF Password Cracker Enterprise version has two different functions which are different from the other two versions of PDF password remover.

Firstly, PDF Password Cracker Enterprise version can remove more security options from PDF file. It can remove meta data, private data, java script actions, form actions,embedded thumbnails, embedded file, bookmarks, digital signatures, comments, named destination, etc.

PDF password remover

Secondly, PDF Password Cracker Enterprise version can recompress the data streams. With more efficient compression methods, it will recompress the text and line art in the PDF document, which can lead to 10-15% savings.

Load →Decrypt→Save, only a few clicks, you will remove password from PDF. Sounds great, right?

If you want to learn more about this advanced PDF password remover tool, you can post below or contact support@crackpdf.com.

Professionally Remove Password from PDF

Have lots of PDF documents that are protected by a long and complex passwords on computer, feel inconvenient and boring to type them each time before opening a PDF file? Why not try to remove password from PDF?

remove password from PDF There’s a professional PDF password cracker called PDF Password Cracker Professional that can help you professionally remove passwords from PDF files without other changes to the PDF document. It also enables you to recover user passwords with brute-force and dictionary attacks. What’s more, it supports key search attack that allows you to decrypt PDF files with 40-bit encryption in a reasonable time regardless of the password length and complexity.

There are two different PDF passwords provided by the standard security-owner password and user password.Owner password protects the PDF documents from printing, editing, copying,etc. User password locks the file to prevent the PDF files from opening or viewing. PDF Password Cracker Professional can decrypt PDF documents with only owner password instantly. The decrypted PDF documents could be opened by any PDF viewer with editing, copying, printing and annotating functions enabled.

PDF Password Cracker Professional is different from other similar products in the following aspects:

Firstly, it is compatible with a lot of operating systems such as Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, and Vista.

Secondly, it supports PDF 1.7 (Acrobat 8.x) files (with 40-bit RC4 decryption, 128-bit RC4 decryption, or AES decryption), compressed files and unencrypted meta data.

Thirdly, it supports abundant decryption modes: Adobe Standard 40-bit decryption, Adobe Advanced 128-bit decryption and AES decryption.

Lastly, it recovers user password with brute-force or dictionary attacks.

How to use PDF Password Cracker Professional to remove password from PDF?

PDF Password Cracker Professional

  • Firstly, download and install PDF Password Cracker Professional.
  • Then, load encrypted PDF files.
  • Thirdly, start the decryption.
  • Finally,save the decrypted PDF files.

Just with a few minutes, PDF Password Cracker Professional can help you easily remove password from PDF and unlock the secured PDF files. Now try to free download to experience this amazing software by yourself now!

For more details, please contact:support@crackpdf.com.

PDF Password Remover and PDF Password Cracker

How many times have you been asked for a password when opening a PDF file?And how many times have you received a dreaded PDF not printing message when sending a PDF file to the printer? To deal with the above problems, you need PDF Password Cracker to remove the restriction from protected PDF documents.

In our daily life and work, we may often receive password protected PDF documents such as mobile bills, bank statements, other financial reports, etc. And, sometimes it is highly inconvenient to remember or type the complex and long passwords.

pdf passwor cracker PDF Password Cracker is a professional and powerful PDF decryption tool that  allows you to remove passwords from encrypted PDF files with high quality and speed. It also enables you to crack the PDF password that protects the PDF from editing, copying and printing. If you know the right password, it also enables you to crack the open password easily and efficiently.

PDF Password Cracker can be used to decrypt user-password protected and owner-password protected PDF files. Then you may wonder what user password and owner password are.

User Password, also named open password, is used to encrypt the PDF and prevent them from opening to protect the owner’s right. Generally speaking, utility bills, bank and financial documents are encrypted with user password. Only if you enter the correct “user password”can you open the documents.

Owner Password, also called master password, is used to protect the PDF documents from editing, changing, printing, copying text and graphics into the Clipboard, adding annotations and form fields, etc.

With this password remover tool, you can remove passwords from encrypted PDF just in  2 steps. Firstly, import the encrypted PDF files. Secondly, export the decrypted PDF files.Then, you can feel free to view, edit, copy, and print the full-version PDF files.

Of course, the above steps is just a simplified description.For details, please visit its homepage.

Any questions, suggestions and problems about PDF Password Cracker, please do not hesitate let us know.

We will reply you ASSP.

Email: support@crackpdf.com

Transfer PCX to PDF on Mac

PCX (Personal Computer eXchange) is a device-independent raster image file format developed by the ZSoft Corporation of Marietta, Georgia, USA. Although it’s supported by most optical scanners, fax applications, and desktop publishing systems, it not supported by web browsers.

Then how to transfer and share PCX images via web pages? A good solution is to convert them to PDF files is a good option. PDF (Portable Document Format) is a widely accepted document format for document sharing, which can be compressed easily and platform-independent.

In this article, I would like to share a professional and easy-to-use PCX to PDF converter with you.

Image to PDF Converter for Mac allows you to batch change images such as JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, PBM, PCX, PPM, and TIFF on Mac OS X to PDF. With user-friendly interface, you will never find an easier way than it to convert PCX images to PDF. What’s more, it also allows you to edit the properties of PDF flexibly. With the help of Image to PDF Converter for Mac, everything will become so easy.

pcx to pdf

Below is a tutorial on how to convert PCX images to PDF on Mac OS X. Firstly, you needed to download Image to PDF Converter for Mac and install it.


Step 1: Add the PCX Images

Click Open, then select image files in dialog box of Choose files to convert , and then click Open to add the PCX images to the panel.

Step 2: Output PDF Settings

You can rotate PDF, set page size and edit compression mode of images for the output PDF by clicking Appearance, edit PDF descriptions such as title, subject, keywords, and author by

clicking Description and encrypt PDF with passwords by clicking Security.

Step3: Start Conversion

Click Output folder to choose an output folder for the output PDF files, and then click Convert to start the conversion.

That’s it! Then you can share the PDF documents as you like. Easy, right? Free download it and experience yourself now!

If you want to know more how to convert PCX to PDF on Mac OS X, please leave your comments below or contact us via support@crackpdf.com.

How to crack ZIP password to access ZIP archive?

It will be a difficulty to access a ZIP archive which is protected by a password. If you forget, lose or don’t know the password of the archive and you have to open the files extracted in the archive, you will need to crack ZIP password with some kind of program which has this kind of function.

The program CrackPDF ZIP Password Recovery enables you to adopt three strategies to recover ZIP password, with the assistance of ZIP Password Recovery, you can easily get access to your password protected ZIP files again. For using the program, please download and install it on your computer.

Open the program through Start menu and you will see the main interface of ZIP Password Recovery on your screen like the one shown in Figure 1. Then please do as follows to crack ZIP password.

interface of ZIP Password Recovery

                                                         Figure 1

1. Click Open button or Open File button to choose ZIP archive from the opened file picker window and the added archive path will be shown in the edit box beside the button Open File.

2. Choose a cracking method to recover ZIP password in Recovery tab. For example, you choose the way Brute-force with Mask Attack which enables you to specify the ZIP password as possible ones according to your memories.

3. The options in Brute-force and Dictionary serve for the cracking method Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack. If you have chosen the method Brute-force with Mask Attack, please click Brute-force tab and set the password max and min length, possible characters, etc. Please see it in Figure 2.

set parameters to crack ZIP password

                                                           Figure 2

4. You can set some basic settings for the program if you click the tab Option in which you can set the auto-saving time for the program to save cracking state automatically. You can also choose the option Shutdown the computer after cracking finishes.

5. Start to crack ZIP password by clicking Start button and wait until the password is recovered. When the password is found, please save the cracked PDF in the popup window which is for saving target file.

By clicking here you can visit the homepage of ZIP Password Recovery to learn more information like features, functions, etc. about the program. If you still have any questions about how to recover ZIP password, please click here to contact the support team of CrackPDF.

Mac PDF to Image App-Convert PDF to TIFF on Mac

If your company use e-faxing, you may need to convert pdf to tiff. What will you do?

pdf to tiff TIFF (Tagged Image File Format, also called TIF) is an image format file for high-quality graphics, which is also the standard scanned image file format. It is a popular format for high-color-depth images among graphic artists and publishing industry. TIFF images are difficult to alter and can be viewed by anyone, which is a common format for faxing and is often used in document imaging, document archiving and e-Discovery software. TIFF is highly compatible with image editors, Photoshop, GIMP, Paint Shop Pro, QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, etc. So, in many case we may have to convert PDF to TIFF images to protect our PDF documents from unwanted copying or changing.

After Google some PDF to TIFF converters and compared some, I found some online PDF conversion tools. But I thought it’s unreliable to use online PDF conversion tools as I have to convert some confidential PDF files to TIFF, so I didn’t choose them. Finally, I tried to download PDF to Image Converter for Mac as I had a Mac computer and it supported to batch convert my PDF documents to tiff. It’s easy to do this:

  • 1.Drag and drop PDF files to the converter’s interface to add a batch of PDF files at a time.
  • 2. Choose TIF from the output format list.  As the PDF converter is a 6-in-1-out PDF converter, we need to check up the box and drop down the list to choose TIF.

setting of pdf to tiff

Note: If you like, you can check “Invert Color” to invert color for TIF(TIFF) image, choose different compression modes for TIFF image in “Compression Mode” spin box of “TIF Settings” group box and create multi-page TIF file by checking “Multi-page TIF” option.

  • 3. Choose output folder and click Convert to convert pdf to tiff.

The conversion will be finished in a few seconds, So easy to convert PDF to TIFF, isn’t it? Come to free try PDF to Image Converter for Mac by yourself.

By the way, this PDF to Image Converter for Mac can also convert PDF to JPG, PNG, GIF, TGA and PPM with perfect output quality at fast conversion speed.

To know more about how to convert pdf to tiff (tif) , you can contact support@crackpdf.com.

Mac Software Store—Convert BMP to PDF on Mac

Searching for way to convert bmp to pdf on Mac OS X? You can find an answer from this article.

BMP, more commonly know as bitmap files, is a standard image file which was used by OS computers. But it’s not as popular as PDF (Portable Document File) which can be displayed exactly the same on different systems. So sometimes you might need to convert the BMP images to PDF documents for viewing on different systems. To help you  convert bmp to pdf on Mac easily, here we would like to introduce Image to PDF Converter for Mac to you.

With the help of Image to PDF Converter for Mac, you can create PDF from many kinds of images such as BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PBM, PCX, PPM, and TIFF on Mac OS X singly or in batches. Due to its user-friendly GUI interface and fast conversion speed, you will never find an easier way than it on converting BMP images to PDF documents. Besides, you can also edit properties of PDF files flexibly. The tutorial below will tell you how to convert BMP to PDF with it step by step.

Guide: How to Convert BMP images to PDF files on Mac OS X

Preparation: Free download Image to PDF Converter for Mac and install and run it on your computer to get ready.

  • Step1: Add BMP Images

Drag & drop the source BMP images or click Open > select image files in dialog box of Choose files to convert > click Open to add them to the panel.

  • Step2: Output PDF Settings

a.Click Appearance to rotate PDF, set page size and edit compression mode of images for the output PDF.

bmp to pdf 1

b.Click Description to edit PDF descriptions such as title, subject, keywords, and author.

bmp to pdf 2

c.Click Security to encrypt PDF with passwords.

bmp to pdf 3

  • Step3: Render BMP to PDF

Click Output folder to choose a destination folder for the output PDF files, and then click Convert to change BMP to PDF.


Is that simple and easy? Why not get Image to PDF Converter for Mac and try to convert bmp to pdf right now!

If you have any problem about this application, please bring up your problems to support@crackpdf.com or post your comments below.